Wednesday 30 January 2013

Compatible Media Link :D

Hello mga kababayan. :) Once again thank you for tuning in :). And in return I have provided a link below to play the "Pusong Pinoy Radio" station into different platforms and software.

Winamp Player

Windows Media Player

QuickTime Player

Real Player

My radio station is also included in the "TuneIn Radio App for Smartphone". Just search for "Pusong Pinoy Radio".

Happy Listening :)


Tuesday 29 January 2013

Pusong Pinoy Radio

One of my hobby is listening to OPM radio, and Im excited to share my interest to all my Kababayans all around the world :) There will be more improvements in this station since I just started Jan. 30, 2013. Keep tuning in and enjoy the Pusong Pinoy Musika :D

Song History